Can you still file taxes even though your employer didnt pay them but still took them out of your pa

When you are an employee of a company who makes a wage that would provide a yearly salary of over $10,000, then you are required by law to pay taxes at the federal and state level. As an employee, it is the employer's responsibility to withhold wages from your overall pay to direct them towards your taxes. They are required by law to fill out the W-2 form for you and to give it back to you before the January 31st deadline. The form will show how much was withheld from you in the past year, and will give you a general picture of how your taxes will be conducted from your wages. Any mistake made on the W-2 is at the fault of the employer, and you must contact a tax preparer if this mistake happens. Regardless of the fact, you must still file your tax return.

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